Conditions of Use


1. General
In this contract, Automodels ("Service Provider") defines the rules and policies for operating the Automodels webstore service. Anyone using this service ("User") agrees to and is obligated to obey the rules and conditions of these Terms Of Service. A User is defined as a competent person, who orders products from this Service from the Service Provider, for other use than for his/hers livelyhood. A User who does not accept the Terms of this Service, is not allowed to use the Service.

2. Users liabilities
By using the Automodels website, you are expressing your agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Terms Of Service. Copying or using any material from this service (text, picture and audio material) without the permission of the owner is strictly forbidden. The User is also obligated to keep his contact details up to date.

3. Obligations and restrictions of the Service Provider.
The Service Provider has the right not to sell to a person or not to enter into an agreement with a person who violates the terms and conditions mentioned in this Terms Of Service. A User can order items displayed in the webstore. Some items might be temporarily out of stock, because sales may be made through other trade channels. In these cases, the entire order is sent at the same time. The User is not entitled to damages or credit interest in cases where the Service Provider is unable to provide a product, for reasons that the Service Provider does not have control over. For example, if the ordered product is unavailable to the Service Provider. In situations like this, the Service Provider must to inform the User about cancelling the shipment within 30 days from the order confirmation and deliver the possible other parts of the order and refund the extra payments made by the User without credit interest. Region of delivery for the products is Finland, unless other regions are stated in the Service. Trades through this Service are bound by the terms of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, on the parts concerning mail order business. Products of this Service have a 14-day right to be returned, starting from the date of receiving the product or service. Service Provider reserves the right for changes in prices and stock selection.

4. Ordering
To order products the User must be an adult (18 or older). A minor (under 18) can order the products from this Service only with permission the guardian(s), which makes the guardian is responsible for the order. A User can order products from the Service by registering as a customer and proving the necessary information during the making of order.

5. Payment & Shipment
Payments for products and services are collected according to the valid price at the time of purchase. Products are to be paid for using the methods of payment listed within 14 days of order confirmation, not including pre-ordered products, which can only be paid once the Service Provider informs the order is ready for shipment. In situations, when the full payment is not received in the 14 day time period, the purchase is considered to be cancelled. The customer is responsible for the shipping expenses, which vary according to the weight and delivery method of the order. The service provider sends the order confirmation to the e-mail address supplied by the User. The shipping costs for the order are shown, when the order is conformed and are included in the total price given in the Shopping Cart. Service Provider is always responsible for lost and damaged parcels, but not possible disturbances in delivery.

6. Changing the Terms Of Service
The Service Provider reserves the right to make minor changes to this Terms Of Service, without the approval of the User. The Service Provider is obligated to inform the User about possible changes in Terms Of Service. The changes are applied immediately after the announcement. By continuing to use the service after receiving information about the changes, the User agrees with the changes and is obligated to follow the new Terms of Service.

7. Termination of Contract
Both participants can independently terminate the contract. Termination is executed immediately after the other participant receives information of termination. In cases of violation of contract or Terms of Service, the Service Provider has the right to terminate the contract without any warning.

8. Transfer of Contract
The User may not transfer the contract to a third Party. The Service Provider shall not transfer the contract to a third Party, without the permission of the User.

9. Disputes
The contract is bound by Finnish law. Disputes concerning the contract, unless solved with negotiation, will be handled in the district in a Finnish local district court.

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